Last week, Saucy Minx attended the opening of a lovely art show featuring friend and artist, OLGA NABATOVA, at Arta Gallery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. Olga created the lovely portrait of Saucy Minx used here on this website…a brilliant likeness if she does say so herself!  The show runs only until Wed. Oct 18th so please hurry down to view Olga’s gorgeous watercolours and stunning sculptures a.s.a.p. See  details at end of this story.

Here’s Olga with some of her work, and, in the first pic, one of her models.20171012_18200620171012_182315 20171012_182419

Saucy Minx asked Olga a couple of quick questions in between greeting her fans and friends at the opening reception:  What first inspired you to pick up a paintbrush and sculptor’s knife?   As a child, I was always painting and creating little art installations, playing theater with other kids (I always volunteered as their stage designer and director).  I studied painting in high school then in university I made extra money doing technical drawings and illustrations (I have electronic engineering degree).  Creating any form of visual art was never a problem for me, but I never considered that I could be a professional artist. But then…I hit my midlife crisis!

I joined an old friend’s art school here in Toronto and two years later started taking courses in TSA. I then headed off to Italy to study drawing where I was instantly inspired by the beauty of classical sculpture. I immediately started sculpting classes, falling in love with the clay. I spent a year creating pottery on a wheel – remember that scene in “Ghost”? But sadly, no Patrick Swayze for me, though (haa haa).     I’m love all creative mediums – watercolour, oil paints, pencil or clay, and my inspiration comes from simply watching people whether they’re walking around, playing music, sailing, theater actors, etc. I love to watch people in everyday situations.  Two years ago I did a series of whimsical illustrations portraying musicians (see below) some of which are on show at the current ARTA Gallery exhibition (closes Oct. 18)
20171012_181723 20171012_181713What’s next for Olga – where can we see your work displayed?   I’ve recently discovered an exciting new medium – Virtual Reality. A year ago I was hired by Google to create a VR experience and I really enjoyed the process. I will be showing my VR art at the upcoming technology expo, IMMERSED 2017 (Immersive Technology Alliance, Toronto), October 19-22 where I’m one of the speakers.  As for more traditional art, I should be participating in a Toronto group show in November so please follow me on Fcbk for details and dates.

So here’s a couple of the beautiful watercolours now on show at Arta Gallery… 20171012_182616 20171012_182749


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