Any time of the year, you can find wonderful things to see or do down at Toronto’s waterfront, from taking a stroll along the boardwalk where all the yachts and cruisers are moored, or wandering past the canoe club then over to Queen’s Quay and hopping on one of the harbour tour boats, a la Gilligan and MaryAnne!  So let’s get started with the FREE stuff…at the bottom of Spadina Ave, you’ll find the gorgeous “Music Garden” that int’l cello star Yo-Yo Ma helped design and launch (below).20150925_14031320150925_14040920141018_12525120141018_12542020141018_131654Then let’s walk east along to the “tall ships” that take out tourists during the warmer months, then past the colourful canoes that are racked up like jenga sticks when not in use.20141018_13032920141018_13055320141018_13181920150925_14232920150925_142401Did you know that we have a healthy fish population in this part of Lake Ontario?20141018_130731So now let’s take a quick 1hr Harbour Tour – you can choose from modest barge-type vessels or a party boat like the Oriole which has multiple decks, bar service and a fun party atmosphere with prices starting from around $25 – well worth the $s.  Saucy Minx took two tours last year – one during the late fall on a smaller sit-down vessel, and one on the Oriole with a bunch of tourists from the US, England and Hong Kong who all loved the sights of the city and the inner islands. Boy, don’t we locals take this all for granted? It takes joining an international tourist group to appreciate the beauty that is Toronto’s waterfront.20141018_140749 20141018_143712 20141018_14393120150925_143835 20150925_152955 20150925_15251220150925_150830After several Malibu Rum & Coke cocktails on board, Saucy Minx disembarked and hit one of the charming Queen’s Quay restaurants to enjoy a pint o’ Guinness and some fish & chips, of course!20150925_16002920150925_160612You can check out upcoming activities by visiting:  

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