There are lots of cool things to do when visiting  (or for simply playing hooky and enjoying a mid-week “stay-cation”). Saucy Minx has enjoyed all sorts of fun adventures around town in all weathers, and here are just a few places to consider.  Let’s start with walking around downtown and taking pics….for FREE!
First, the Financial District on a Sunday when there’s no-one around20151018_173715 20151018_173635 20151018_173754 20151018_174006 20151018_174037Now let’s head over to Nathan Philips Square & City Hall and check out the skating rink and the big TORONTO sign made famous during the PanAm Games. And if you look carefully, you’ll even see Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield peeking thru one of the windows in City Hall..LOL!20160121_154859 20160121_154840 20160121_155044If you walk up Yonge Street to Yonge/Dundas Square, here are some interesting buildings you could snap…and perhaps drop in for a cocktail and munchies, like the Hard Rock Cafe – Saucy Minx recommends their Pina Coladas which are served in humongous glasses and pretty darned strong, too!20141130_131921 20141130_132035Even the Hudson’s Bay store windows (below) look pretty in the winter, showcasing their signature blankets & jackets. Love those wee baa-baas!20141130_133554Or perhaps snap a few pics of the beautiful old building called College Park one subway stop north… 20141130_130611 20141130_130803Heading up to Yonge & Bloor, take a trip up to the top of the Manulife Centre and this could be your view from the restaurant deck….20150620_172542 20150620_172559

Lots of walks to choose from so why not check out Toronto’s official tourism site:

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