What a lovely way to spend an hour or so….and it’s FREE! Welcome to Toronto’s Allen Gardens, the greenhouses located just a few blocks east of Yonge & College Streets.20161206_121633It was a grey old day yesterday when Saucy Minx decided to drop in on the flowers and plants, but inside it was toasty and warm with varying “climates” of desert, tropical rain forest and temperate environments for the thousands of exotic plants.  When you first enter, you walk thru the Palm House under the giant glass dome…..20161206_121728 20161206_121751….then Saucy Minx walked into the greenhouse with all the sub-tropicals. Look at these pretty Christmas decorations added to the greenery20161206_121833 20161206_122111 20161206_12363120161206_123745Such a beautiful selection of plants – lots of beautiful scenes for selfies and family snapshots.20161206_122012 20161206_123828Saucy Minx has a favourite greenhouse and that has to be the desert or cactus house. Check out these amazing succulents and cacti…20161206_122605 20161206_122542 20161206_122216 20161206_122204 20161206_122812 20161206_123254Now let’s head into the temperate climate greenhouse that’s home to a large koi pond, fountains and their traditional family Christmas displays…

20161206_123906 20161206_124114 20161206_124616 20161206_125016

The last area Saucy Minx visited was the orchid house that also included a delightful turtle pond with an old fashioned waterwheel…

20161206_124932 20161206_124815 20161206_124958So much to see and enjoy at Allen Gardens – they’re open every day 10am to 5pm and easy to reach via subway, streetcar or there’s street parking all around the park. More info here:

And here are a few more fun pics, including this tree offering up massive lemons – Saucy Minx could make gallons of Gin & Tonics with these babies!!20161206_123916 20161206_124745 20161206_121745

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