FLO BARON introduces her summer collections @ VIP shopping event

Fashion is not solely the domain of the young….sometimes the best wardrobe advice comes from someone who has lived through years of changing style trends and knows quality when she sees/feels it. And Flo Baron (below) is just such a lady!20170617_131152With a stunning private “salon” high up in the clouds overlooking Yorkville (see her northward view, below) Flo welcomed friends and long-time clients yesterday, sharing some of the stunning and very affordable fashions from U.S. and European designers, and Saucy Minx was there to experience the luxury of having Flo customize outfits for any occasion. 20170617_140615The ladies browsed the racks and tried them on for us all to see. How beautiful they all looked, especially after Flo added jewellery, belts, scarves….wow!20170617_133328 20170617_135523 20170617_134954 20170617_134527Here’s Tracy (below) modelling a beautiful blue ensemble with interchangeable pieces. Strike a pose, Tracy!20170617_132537 20170617_132618…and she even channels her “inner genie” below…LOL

Whether it be cotton, linen, silk or a blend, each unique piece was shown to a very appreciative gathering of private shoppers….20170617_132020 20170617_133154 20170617_135306 20170617_133115…and the treasures in her “Aladdin’s cave” of racks are enough to give any fashion-forward diva palpitations!20170617_131108 20170617_131207 20170617_131228 20170617_140544How about this colourful pendant? Easy to wear dressed up or casual with jeans and a t-shirt.20170617_134133And this simple grey sheath dress (below) accessorized with off-white beads? So beautiful and easy to wear in the summer heat.20170617_134313Setting the stage for her frequent special sales events, when you enter Flo’s salon you are immediately immersed in her classic sense of style in her stunning lobby.20170617_131408 20170617_131403Good taste and  elegance comes easily to Flo – she’s had a lifetime surrounded by beauty both in architectural & interior design, and especially in fashion. In the 50’s, she landed a job in the dress shop at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel. She helped style Hollywood’s most glamorous stars of the day including dancer and movie star Cyd Charisse, Dorothy Lamour, Elizabeth Taylor and even Zsa Zsa Gabor who would frequently drop in and demand Flo bring her everything on the racks in her size! “Polly Bergen walked in one day wearing a full length mink coat. She put her arm around me, winked and whispered “I did it all by myself!” What a fabulous lady she was.”bf1b00_fc6f7ba492fd4571b29f6d13d52d74d3-mv2Thankfully, Flo brings her fashion sense and panache to Toronto as we ladies over 20-something need fabulous clothes that enhance our bodies and our personalities…and that are affordable. Plus, who doesn’t love a little pampering with Flo’s personalized styling?

If you’re looking for your own “full Flo experience”, visit her Facebook page (Facebook.com/FloBaronCollection) for news of the next VIP sales event. Saucy Minx highly recommends Flo Baron for all your wardrobe needs, summer, fall, winter or spring.20161112_125743

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