Introducing natural, organic handcrafted body products from Ontario’s newest beauty company, BLOOMISS

For many years, I ordered promotional items from a lovely lady who started up her own incentives & promotions company and built it into a very successful business, thanks to the help and support from her family. In fact, on several occasions, her mum and dad delivered my orders personally. I was thrilled to  learn she had sold that company last year and recently launched a brand new enterprise called BLOOMISS – all natural, organic based body products.   (see special promotion for Saucy Minx readers at end of this story) 

Crystal Leochko has won numerous awards for business and her charitable endeavours in the Burlington/Oakville region, and she’s now applying her passion and skills to Bloomiss products, all of which she handcrafts and packages herself. Hello, Dragons’ Den!!  Crystal kindly sent Saucy Minx a couple of products to try and I can assure you the yummy, creamy lip balm works a treat for dry or cracked lips, and the sweet smelling (chocolate & minty) foot balm is awesome, too.bloombalm_large foot_butter_largeCrystal promises her customers:  with an artisanal look at creating the products, I give you my commitment to use only high quality fair trade, natural and where possible organic ingredients.  Our products are never tested on animals!  We promise you our products are free of:

  • Parabens
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum
  • Artificial colourants and dyes
  • Preservative and fillers
  • Talc

I recently chatted with Crystal about her exciting new business and asked her to share her story and advice with readers…

Having recently sold your very successful corporate incentives/merchandise business, what inspired you to launch a skin care/beauty product business – a seemingly 180° turnaround?  Struggling with fertility I was always told to relax, meditate, don’t think, don’t stress.  Having a go-go Type A personality, I never found I was able to mediation and shutting my brain down was impossible. One day I was helping a friend make little things for shower gifts. I starting making them and a light went on and I realized I wasn’t thinking about anything but the present. I started doing more of it and loved it, being an organic, all natural product lover to begin with this was a perfect fit and it was my form of meditation.

What was the very first product you created and how/why did you pick the specific ingredients?  LIP BALM – I used to use the Blistex in the blue jar constantly – my lips became so addicted to it – and then I read about all the ‘junk’ they put in it.  I thought if I use this much lip balm I need to find a natural way to make them smooth and silky.  That’s what our bloom balm is – smooth & silky and best of all – 100% natural.IMG_1067 (1)Well I had several attempts at making a lip balm that I would love and want to use all the time so I had started with ingredients that were nourishing and highly moisturizing for lips. Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil – all had powerful qualities to nourish the skin so then it was down to putting them together in the perfect formula and amounts which we now have in our Bloom Balm.image1How important (for you and your customers) is it to work solely with pure and/or organic ingredients?  The reason I love the Bloomiss products so much is that they are pure and organic.  For many years, I was interested in living a healthy, non-toxic organic lifestyle whenever I could. Toxins and chemicals that are used in non-natural or organic products can cause all sorts of health problems and I believe our customers realize this which is why they’re choosing Bloomiss products.  Customers are educated on the many benefits of using natural products and are choosing to put on their bodies only products that nourish their cells and that won’t harm them.

I assume you use all your own products – what is your most favourite and why?Yes, of course… oh I have a few favourites – if I had to choose the top three they would be:  Balance Mist (below)…IMG_8308….Headache Soother and Bloom Balm (Island Sunset Flavour)

Bloomiss has very simple packaging and easy to read labeling – from a branding perspective, what sort of feedback have you received on your products’ look/image?This has been our launch packaging and it may change as you know my background is branding so it maybe evolved in the next few months.  I choose the name Bloomiss for “bloom” like a flower and “miss” for ladies – our logo incorporates this with the image of the girl and her skirt made of petals.  We will always keep some part of that in our branding.FullSizeRender (3)Apart from your online store, where else can we find the Bloomiss product line?  I’ve been attending many shows and events since September to try and spread the word and have people try the products.  I’m currently sourcing retail locations across the province, including a couple of stores in the Greater Toronto Area. Good news soon…

Any advice for other professionals looking to change direction and start-up a new business?  Oh, I have so much advice for professionals looking to start a new business.  I love entrepreneurs…most of my friends are entrepreneurs. I could talk about starting a business or tips and tricks about entrepreneurship all day long.  Here are a couple of my favourite tips: Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you achieve your dreams.  Don’t be scared to fail…fail fast…learn from your mistakes…get up and get going. And my favourite tip: ACTION – take action – it’s so easy to get stuck in the planning and details. Just start…put it out the world and see the reaction…change, adapt whatever you have to do as it goes on…you won’t know unless you have taken action.IMG_1064 IMG_8317Any additional comments or info you’d like to share?  I would love to invite everyone to try BLOOMISS and would like to over a special discount code of 15% off your 1st online order using promo code: SaucyMinx (offer expires March 1/17)FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender

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