Each year, Saucy Minx likes to visit the IncentiveWorks trade show for special event planners and buyers. It’s held at the giant Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it’s always nice to run into friends and colleagues in the events business.  One of the first booths visited was Brand Blvd who were promoting their “Camp Brand Blvd” theme. The friendly camp councillors (below) made the visit fun and Saucy Minx scored a big coffee mug – thanks. Check out their catalogue of merchandise & logowear at   20170823_124652(0)Next up, Saucy Minx met Ronit from (below) who presented her with the perfect corporate gift….20170823_125003

Now that we’ve cooled down a bit, on to the next booth. Here are the lovely ladies from VisitKingston.ca20170823_125810

Always a must-visit booth at trade shows is Here’s Sandra welcoming Saucy Minx in for a sample….yummmmm!20170823_130036Stephanie from asked that all important question “coffee, tea or …”  Did not know that Porter flew up north so Saucy Minx is planning a visit to the great white north very soon.20170823_132030 20170823_132038Time for a little R&R – check out this relaxing water fountain, courtesy of

Loved running into Janet from She always has such groovy gear – Saucy Minx especially likes the cuddly socks – great for corporate Christmas gifts. 20170823_13135420170823_131506Fallsview Casino Resort sent in their “big guns” to the show. Here’s Chef Pradeep and his deelish pastries. OMG…poor Saucy Minx is on a diet and had to resist (almost!).  20170823_132132 20170823_132253The ladies from laughed when Saucy Minx ran over to their display. “It’s Dorothy” – for those of you who’ve seen the movie “Twister” you’ll know exactly what Saucy Minx meant!  
20170823_132959The chefs from put on a special show making ice cream with liquid nitrogen that looks more like dragon’s breath. Perfect for Game of Thrones fans…Saucy Minx tasted it and gave it her thumbs-up! 

Meet Susan Freeman from of Prince Edward Island. Susan kindly offered a seat to Saucy Minx who definitely needed a rest after enjoying the nitrogen ice cream and the lobster rolls from the Halifax booth (see below). 20170823_13504420170823_133959While visiting the Maritimes aisle, Saucy Minx stopped for some fiddle entertainment courtesy of the Cape Breton folks 

Thanks and g’day to new Aussie mate Colette who loaded Saucy Minx up with candies and chocolates from Downunder. Yummmmmmm! 20170823_140922Another friendly face, this time Seth from the in New York (below). 20170823_135308

The aloha spirit was alive and well at the Hawaiian tourism booth. Loved the hula dancers and ukelele boys!

Here are the laddies from Scotland – Dylan from the Fairmont St Andrews in Fife [] and Iain from the Sheraton Grand, Edinburgh []. They were such fun, and when Saucy Minx spied the sexy sporran on their colleague, she just had to move in for a close-up! 20170823_14151420170823_141633All in all a fabulous day was had by Saucy Minx. Well fed and watered and lots of new friends from around the special events world. And just look at some of the awesome samples Saucy Minx scored…20170823_154905If you’re an event planner or corp. merchandise/incentives buyer, mark your calendar for next year’s

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