Saucy Minx joined other journalists and camera crews at yesterday’s Media Day at this year’s Canadian Int’l Auto Show taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (runs until Feb 26/17). www.autoshow.ca20170216_120334 20170216_120537All the glossy new cars sparkled under the spotlights and reporters had fun “test driving” the floor models. Saucy Minx headed straight for the exotic cars on display in the lower level – Rolls Royces, McLarens, Lamborghinis ….I was in auto-heaven!20170216_130338 20170216_125921 20170216_130003 20170216_130028There was a special exhibition celebrating 50 years of Grand Prix in Canada and Saucy Minx was fascinated by the racing displays – definitely a not to be missed showcase of racing excellence including cars and photos of the greatest drivers: Jacques & Gilles Villeneuve, Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti and even the yellow Lotus driven by legendary Ayrton Senna!20170216_130433 20170216_125513_001 20170216_125609 20170216_125648 20170216_125738 20170216_125818Back in the “exotics” section, Saucy Minx noticed the “winningest” Lotus (below) that was driven by Canadian legend Bill Brack.20170216_130203 20170216_130209Back upstairs, Saucy Minx discovered some sexy muscle cars and a mysterious robot who had wandered onto the showroom floor20170216_120625 20170216_121423 20170216_120449Also met up with new media pal Rod Charles, managing partner of (below R) and Korey Sam (below L), who’s a personal trainer and fitness expert with a passion for cars.20170216_123501We saw some cool mini concept cars…20170216_123012 20170216_123016…and lots more new models including this indigo blue Lexus with the stunning grill pattern.20170216_120603 20170216_122909 20170216_122855Always favourites of Saucy Minx, the display of vintage autos is spectacular…all in mint condition, there are turn of the last century models, 30’s gangster mobiles and giant 50’s and 60’s cruising cars. Wow!20170216_12205120170216_12223920170216_12214120170216_12221020170216_12231020170216_12233120170216_12241020170216_12241920170216_122120Loved the GMC truck flying through the air…only thing missing is the super hero cape!20170216_123749…and the cars waiting under wraps for their big unveiling20170216_123643 20170216_123706There’s even electric mini-cars just for the kids!20170216_124149_001Saucy Minx definitely recommends a visit to this year’s car show…there’s something for everyone. Show times, ticket info and news updates here:

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