1 week left to visit CHIHULY exhibition @ Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum

Saucy Minx really enjoyed visiting the Dale Chihuly art glass exhibition presented by the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM as we here in Toronto call it) yesterday…there’s only 1 week left to catch it if you haven’t already spent time among the spectacular glass art pieces. Click here to get your tickets: www.rom.on.ca/en/chihuly

Upon entering the cavernous showroom on the B2 level of the ROM, you are immediately welcomed by 2 gigantic displays – one looks like a boat filled with colourful starbursts, and another containing gigantic Christmas balls. How wonderful…..20161227_13541620161227_135446Walking thru the darkened showrooms, even the most rambunctious of children seem to be mesmerized by the shapes and colours, and the adults appear wonder-struck by the magnificence of Chihuly’s works. There are a couple of walk-thru “rooms” where you can actually lie down on beanbags to gaze up at the ceilings (see below)…20161227_135959 20161227_140548There were some very “sexy” looking bowls and glass baskets that you just wanna reach out and touch, run your hands over and around them, but Saucy Minx restrained herself admirably!20161227_140055 20161227_140059And the freestanding floor displays are outstanding…20161227_135610_001 20161227_13575220161227_13582820161227_14042620161227_140458…everyone had cellphones and cameras out and flashing.  But the most impactful display, according to Saucy Minx at least, was at the end of the corridor leading out of the display. It’s Chihuly’s blown glass interpretations of traditional Native American basket work and rugs. If you visit, please spend some time viewing the vintage photographs and collection of hand-woven traditional rugs juxtaposed with his delicate and subtle glass bowls…oh so beautiful.20161227_140654 20161227_140754 20161227_140807 20161227_140711_001 20161227_140834As you exit the main exhibition, you’re funneled past a video presentation then into a merchandise hall where you can purchase your own Chihuly bowls starting at around $8,000 and upwards plus a few paintings and posters (see below), but there are a few nic-nacs we mere mortals can afford, along with picture books and kids stuff.20161227_141044 20161227_141126This show is highly recommended but please remember, you only have until Jan. 8th, 2017, and the ROM assures Saucy Minx that the line-ups will be long. Buy your tickets online at the ROM link posted at the start of this story so you can bypass the lines. And if you want to learn more about this ground-breaking artist, check out: www.chihuly.com/20161227_135510

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